I am Barefoot Bella- a flourishing, soulful, earthy, intuitive, love-filled, liberated, mystical Black woman, living fully in my purpose and body.  


As “Bella the Baptist” , I operate in the fullness of my ministry by leaning into my chosen destiny as a Verbal Liberator, Earthy Intuitive, and Revolutionary Catalyst. 


I serve the world by facilitating healing spaces in which people are able to reconnect deeply to themselves through intuitive realization, affirmation, education, healing techniques, wisdom, and love. I believe that love is the highest act of revolution and I base my entire ministry upon it. 


I offer various services, including energetic healing and education, metaphysical education, meditation techniques and trainings, intuitive readings, and more. 

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Titles and Services

Verbal Liberator- I am a firm believer in the power of words as spells, prayers, and the ultimate divine power of what you experience in this life. I use my verbal consciousness as a modality for liberation and revolution to elevate the mindset and experience of myself and the world around me. 


Earthy Intuitive- I am deeply connected with the earth, the fullness of nature, and the wisdom and healing natural law and cycles have to offer. I use this information to connect to and navigate the wisdom of life. 


Revolutionary Catalyst- I provoke the radical transformation of others as I evolve into the fullness of my destiny as a servant healer, rooted in love, wisdom, and affirmation. 


Reiki Master Practitioner and Educator- I serve as a channel of Supreme energy that promotes physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health by balancing, transmuting and transcending energetic blockages. I teach others 


Tantric Healing Journey Guide- I facilitate a journey rooted in sex magic, sensuality, passionate fire, and spiritual sexual wisdom. In these spaces, I help others connect to higher versions of themselves through the redirection and concentration of sexual energy and removal of sexual energetic blockages. 


The Journey

My journey is deeply personal and a revolution of radical self-love.

What does it mean to journey?

To journey means to "travel through".  In my personal language, "journey",  means to navigate the experience that is life. I believe that each individual is in charge of their own respective journey and I only seek to serve as a facilitator of healing, educational, loving, and affirmative spaces in which you can navigate your own journey.

My journey of awareness began the moment I realized that I had agency over myself and my experiences through language, awareness, and intentional self-healing. I sought out ways to heal and transform the mindset I had that was deeply rooted in a traumatic existence. At the time a large majority-if, not all-- of my narratives were deeply rooted in fear. I lived very anxiously, unconsciously claiming abandonment, scarcity, and harm as the outcome of my life experiences.

To catalyze my healing I begin to lean into the practices that resonated from my Christian Pentecostal upbringing. I leaned into the power of prayer, the wisdom of words, manifestation,  and hands-on healing. Due to the fact that I was in a different space spiritually and was expanding into the understanding that religions are based on universal laws and principles rather than religious dogma, I sought out resonating ways to connect differently. Along the way, I found the expansive way of channeling and connecting to energy to heal. 

Energy is all things, literally. My extensive studies and work with energy has to led me to define energy as, "an essential vibrational force carrying information that ultimately manifests into a physical force.". I coined this definition in my work as an energy practitioner, based on the belief that everything that exists in the physical realm ultimately starts in the metaphysical realm (beyond what can be seen or perceived in this realm).

In my practice, I use energy via the vibration of words, hands-on healing, tantric breath, and transdimensional meditative practices.

Journey with me.