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Alternative Therapy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that happens through touch or the "laying of hands". It is a Japanese method of healing that was systematized by Dr. Usui Mikao.

During a reiki session, the practitioner connects with The Divine Universal Power (Rei), to conduct or be a vessel to transmit healing life force energy (Ki). Reiki provides treatment for the whole person that can be felt on a spiritual, physical, and emotional level.

Reiki is a harmonious spiritual practice and is in no way tied to religion. To experience the full benefits of Reiki, it is my belief that one must accept the call that they are largely responsible for their own journey to healing and that all healing modalities only aid in the process.

Individual reiki sessions generally last between 45-60 minutes. All sessions are intuitively led and include chakra balancing. Other healing techniques may be used as divinely guided including sound bathing, the use of healing crystals and other modalities.

Take charge of your own healing and become trained as reiki practitioner beginning with reiki Level I (Shoden- beginner self care level), Level II (Okuden- practitioner level), Level III (Shinpiden - Master Level) 

My Journey with Reiki

My journey with reiki began summer of two thousand nineteen. I was visiting my family in Mississippi and was deep into my own journey of self- healing. One day, while laying in bed meditating, Spirit reminded me of my own personal power. The healing energy that has long flown through my hands.

I was raised Christian and attended a church where the "laying of hands" was normal-promoted, expected, even. I remember whenever I would feel Spirit, I always felt it in my belly (what I have come to know as my hara) and in my hands. So, that day, lying in bed- being long estranged from my Christian roots, I remembered my hands. I then felt prompted to look up energy healing and it was then that I found reiki.

I read about reiki and decided that I wanted to study, however, finding a teacher that resonated with me was not the easiest thing.

I came across many teachers, but none of them looked like me. I wanted the connection and representation of a black woman on this journey. 

A little defeated in my search, I'd given up on my hopes t find a black female instructor and registered for a class led by "someone else". I arrived to the class and I could not stay. I thanked the person and left. A few days later, sitting at my kitchen table, I had a wonderful revelation! I knew a black woman who was a reiki master! I immediately reached out to her and she connected me with Eloise Prescott, who is my reiki teacher and apart of my Reiki lineage.

Divinely everything fell into place as I imagined it plus some.

Reiki has been a Divine force in my life, my ancestors have affirmed me many times over on this path and Spirit continues to guide me and bless me with Divine technique and information to edify others.

Reiki allowed me to begin the process of self-healing. I realized that as I was healing myself, Spirit invited me to be a catalyst for healing those around me.

Reiki is a wonderful balnce of spiritual practice and technique.

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