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Tantric Healing Journey

A journey rooted in sex magic, sensuality, passionate fire, and spiritual sexual wisdom. In this space I help others connect to higher versions of themselves through the redirection and concentration of sexual energy and removal of sexual energetic blockages. 

Why the Tantric Healing Journey?

Tantra is a term that means "to weave". In the Hindu practice of tantra, the prominent masculine deity associated with this practice, Shiva Bahairava, carries a name translating to his essence as one who creates, sustains, and dissolves. The prominent feminine representation, Shakti, was known for integrating violent and erotic power to provoke transformation. The energy of the Tantric Healing Journey brings the integration of these two energies together so that one can attune to the divine masculine and feminine in the meeting place of spirituality and sexuality.


We are all sexual beings by design; the realm of sexuality and spirituality were never intended to exist separately from one another. Our sexual energy is the biggest contributor to our foundational energy which determines our security and our ability to create and express. Understanding and navigating this sexual spiritual divine energy in a tantric way allows us to tap deep into our sex magic and be the fullness of who we are.

Our divine energy, the tantric spiritual-sexual, is the key to living a full, pleasurable, vibrant lifestyle rooted in love, deep connection, and manifestation. The journey begins by connecting deeply to yourself to heal, transform, amplify, manifest, create, and live a life in the blessing of the present!

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