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Mission and Purpose


Barefoot Bella LLC and it’s platform(s) are a space of healing, education, and empowerment. As the owner and creator of content distributed through Barefoot Bella LLC and it’s platform(s), I seek to infiltrate the masses with knowledge, joy, peace, and affirmation that comes with a more informed and transformative lifestyle change. Barefoot Bella LLC is an organizational entity that offers educational resources in holism, esotericism, metaphysical topics and occurrences, and alternative healing modalities.


Barefoot Bella LLC's primary objective is to infiltrate Black communities of color with sound educational resources that have been limited to marginalized communities by bringing representation and resources to a lifestyle that may seem unattainable to those who have been underexposed. This call to action will be met by offering free and/or significantly reduced pricing of classes, content, and services to dramatically marginalized* black people of color. Classes, resources, and services are available to all other identifications of people on a for-profit basis, to fund the business, owner, and community.

Barefoot Bella LLC is committed to enhancing the experience of those on their spiritual path/awakening journey through extensive education which will be offered through Empowerment Education Courses.

*dramatically marginalized meaning- Black people of color who currently do not possess the financial resources to otherwise attain education, content, resources, and services aligned with the offerings of Barefoot Bella LLC

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